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A regular reminder…

…that your money is not your own.

For the last few weeks a new card has been added to my wallet. It’s not costing me more money.  It’s not necessarily saving me money either.  But it is helping me think and pray about spending it as I should.  It’s nestled securely in front of my debit card and I see it every time I go to pay for something.  I’m glad it’s there.

Here are pictures of each side of the card:

I’ve appreciated the constant reminder, whether buying a coffee or paying for groceries, that I ought to be faithful with all that God has given me.  In a materialistic, self-centered part of the world I imagine we could all benefit from a constant reminder such as this.

I have almost 100 of these cards to give away if you would like one for your wallet.  Just let me know.



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