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Sexual Detox – A Guide for the Single Guy

I really appreciate those who make resources available for little or no money.  I’ve been handing out this little booklet for a while.  The author, Tim Challies, gives express permission to print or send it electronically for free.

Here’s an excerpt from the introduction:

It isn’t easy being a guy today. Maybe it never has been easy, but today the challenges to guys who want to be holy, who want to honor God with their minds and bodies, seem tougher than ever. You live at a time and in a culture that seems given over to sex. It is all around you and you can hardly avoid its lure.

This booklet is intended specifically for young men—those who are not yet married but who hope to be married in the future. Maybe you are still single or maybe you have found the woman of your dreams and are close to settling down and building a life with her. Maybe she still seems a long way off. No matter your situation, I want to use this short guide to help you discover God’s plan for sex and sexuality. I want to help you track down the lies you have believed about sex and I want to help you replace them with truth that comes straight from God, the one who created sex for us.

If you fit this category, or know someone who does, please email me at seansheeran@hespelerbaptistchurch.on.ca and I can print you a copy or send one to you.

Given what we hear this past Sunday, for some of you, this may well be an idol you need to throw away.  If, as a young man, there is even a hint, a hint, of sexual immorality present in your life, I highly recommend you spend time wrestling with the Biblical content and questions contained in this booklet.


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