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More Questions to Ask Before Communion

Last month I posted several questions to ask yourself before communion.  Here is the next set as we plan to celebrate the Lord’s Supper again this Sunday morning: Are you advancing in love and charity to all men? Do you find that since your last commemoration of this feast of love, you have become so … Continue reading

When We Play God

Christian Medical Comment: Hospital kills ‘wrong’ twin in selective abortion – both babies now dead.  This is a tragic story, reminding us of what happens when we take life and death out of the realm of God and into our own hands.

The Writing on the Mirror

A few years ago a newspaper in England surveyed 2000 men and women to see how often they looked in the mirror daily.  On average, for men, it was 27 times a day.  For women, 34 times a day.  Even if you don’t care about stats, at least we can say that we check ourselves … Continue reading

MORE Youth Culture

So you can probably tell there’s some guilt for not posting last week…Here’s the most recent culture newsletter from Paul Robertson: Fall 2011.  Enjoy.

Youth Culture

Culture Newsletter – Spring 2011 These are a great resource from Paul Robertson.  The Spring 2011 includes the following articles: Facebook Fuels Narcissism; The Trouble with Texting; Understanding Your Teenager; Why Daugthers Need Fathers.  What I especially appreciate about these newsletters is that they are with a Canadian, not American, focus.  Click the link to read.

Angry Birds downloads pass half-billion mark

    Angry Birds downloads pass half-billion mark | ITworld – this is pretty mind blowing.  And an entirely devastating commentary on our society…

On Preparation for the Lord’s Supper

Here are some more questions to ask yourself before this Sunday morning.  Slowly.  Carefully.  Prayerfully asking God to search you and know you and see if there by any offensive way in you. These questions are taken from an article in the mid-1800’s, and although the language may be a little unfamiliar, their searching nature … Continue reading