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On Preparation for the Lord’s Supper

Here are some more questions to ask yourself before this Sunday morning.  Slowly.  Carefully.  Prayerfully asking God to search you and know you and see if there by any offensive way in you.

These questions are taken from an article in the mid-1800’s, and although the language may be a little unfamiliar, their searching nature and relevance have not changed over time.

Since there are 24 of them, I’ll break them up into 4 over the next number of months lest we be overwhelmed.  Don’t come to the table this weekend without first taking time to prepare your own heart.

1. In the interval since last partaking of the Lord’s Supper, what progress have you been making in your Christian life in proportion to the blessings of God you enjoy?  Are you really gaining ground?

2. Is your soul actually strengthened and refreshed?

3. Are your corruptions growing weaker and your graces growing stronger?

4. Are you able more successfully to strive against your besetting sin?

5. Is your love for the Saviour deepening in your heart, and more influential in your life?

6. Is your conformity to His image more distinctly visible to the eye, both of God and man?

If, in taking the time to answer these for yourself, you are pleased in some way for the work He is doing in your life, praise Him for it.

If, in taking the time to answer these questions for yourself, you see failure upon failure, be quick to confess your sin and know the power of the blood of Christ which cleanses us from all unrighteousness.  God gives grace to the humble.


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