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More Questions to Ask Before Communion

Last month I posted several questions to ask yourself before communion.  Here is the next set as we plan to celebrate the Lord’s Supper again this Sunday morning:

  1. Are you advancing in love and charity to all men?
  2. Do you find that since your last commemoration of this feast of love, you have become so much more full of the Holy Spirit, that you cannot only freely forgive from your heart the most unprovoked and aggravated injuries and insults, but that you delight in pouring out fervent prayer on behalf of your bitterest enemy and are ready to minister to his temporal and eternal welfare?
  3. Have you felt a warmer interest in the welfare of all who come under your influence?
  4. Are you treading more closely in the steps of Him who went about doing good to the bodies and souls of men?
  5. Have you expended more time and money in acts of practical benevolence to alleviate the wretchedness, and contribute to the enjoyment, both temporal and spiritual, of those whom it is in your power to help?
  6. Are you more gentle and affectionate in your manners at home?

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