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21st Century Catechism?

So this may not be quite the vehicle you were expecting to have the word “catechism” attached to but it fits the definition.  For those of you unfamiliar with the term catechism itself, it’s basically a form of instruction in question and answer format that has been used in the church to teach truth about … Continue reading

Top Reads in 2011: Pastor Sean

Here are Pastor Sean’s (notice the lack of rule breaking with only 5 recommendations):

Top Reads in 2011: Pastor Roger

The next few posts will be a short list of the best books each of your pastors read in 2011. When asked for the top 5 both Greg and Roger broke the rules and sent six.  We’ll let them away with it and include them all.  Here are Pastor Roger’s (Greg and Sean’s to follow):

Top Reads in 2011: Pastor Greg

Here are Pastor Greg’s top reads from 2011 (click on images to make them larger):

Every Story Whispers His Name

For the past couple of weeks I’ve been reading through a wonderful book at home called The Jesus Storybook Bible: Every Story Whispers His Name.  Until tomorrow you can buy it half price here. I would highly recommend it for reading to your kids or grandkids.  I would describe it as a Christ-centered view of … Continue reading

Raising Immortals

A short paragraph from a little book called Hints for Parents unexpectedly stopped me dead in my tracks the other day.  It’s still soaking in.  The words are from a 19th century minister by the name of Gardiner Spring.  Shepherd’s Press has put them into a little booklet with comments added by Tedd Tripp. Anyway, here’s … Continue reading

A Forgotten Text? Why is that, I wonder?

A Forgotten Text? Why is that, I wonder? – Reformation21 Blog. – A good post from Carl Trueman.  He asks a great question in conclusion: would it make any difference to you, any difference at all to the way you talk, to what you watch, to the way you “engage culture”, if Ephesians 5:21 had never been … Continue reading

Year’s End Prayer

This would have been good to post yesterday but I only came across it late last night.  I love the second half of this prayer.  It answered a question I had these past few days with the number of “Happy New Year” greetings I heard: what if this year doesn’t turn out to be happy? … Continue reading