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Preparing for Communion

We will be celebrating communion this Sunday morning during our worship service.  Picking up from a few months ago, here are some more questions to consider before we eat and drink together:

Are you more consistent in your endeavour to lead to Christ those you know who have not yet met Him, and to lead those who do know Him into a closer walk with Him?

Do you have a growing interest in ministries that labour to promote the glory of God?

Can you testify that you are denying yourself the excesses of luxury, whether in dress or any other department, in order to support the Lord’s work and thus become a benefactor in the highest sense of the word, to your family, the church, friends, country, and all mankind?

Ask yourself the following questions:

Am I advancing in the joys and comforts of the Holy Spirit?

Since I last partook of the Lord’s supper, have I more faithfully followed the promptings of the Holy Spirit; have I listened more teachably to the slightest whisperings of His voice; have I cherished more carefully his sanctifying influences; have I guarded more jealously against the indulgence of any thought or desire that would grieve Him, or cause Him to have to withdraw, even for a season, the manifestations of His love and communications of His grace?

Have I a sweeter sense of my Redeemer’s love?


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