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Confronting Sin

I missed posting last week so you’ll have to forgive me.  I have a few ideas in the works so I’ll make it up to everyone.

For now, here’s a quotation from Augustine.  It’s worth reading over a few times and thinking through.  It deals with how our approach towards someone when pointing out sin…the last few lines hit particularly close to home.

We should never undertake the task of chiding another’s sin unless, cross-examining our own conscience, we can assure ourselves, before God, that we are acting from love.  If reproaches or threats or injuries, voiced by the one you are calling to account, have wounded your spirit, then, for that person to be healed by you, you must not speak till you are healed yourself, lest you act from worldly motives, to hurt, and make your tongue a sinful weapon of evil, returning wrong for wrong, curse for curse.  Whatever you speak out of a wounded spirit is the wrath of an avenger, not the love of an instructor…. And if, as often happens, you begin some course of action from love, but a different feeling insinuates itself because you are resisted, deflecting you from reproach of a man’s sin and making you attack the man itself – it were best, while watering the dust with your own tears, to remember that we have no right to crow over another’s sin, since we sin in the very reproach of sin if anger at sin is better at making us sinners than mercy is at making us kind.


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