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Satan’s Lies in Plain Clothes – Part I

The best way to infiltrate anything is to get someone on the inside, secretly, quietly, covertly.  Whether it’s law enforcement seeking to bring down a crime ring or covert operations attempting to tear down a regime someone needs to be planted within.  And the only way to get someone on the inside is to make sure they look like, talk like, sound like, smell like, and seem like the real thing.  That’s exactly what Satan does with his lies; making them sound believable, truthful, reasonable, rational.

In his short little e-book Unlocking the Mysteries of Satan Dennis McCallum gives 20 great examples of what those plain clothed lies sound like.  You can read 5 each day for the next few days.  Perhaps you’ll be surprised at how many of these you’ve convinced yourself of.  At the end of the first five you can read some of his conclusions.  Here they are:

1. God is continually looking down at you in disappointment or even disgust.  He is incredulous that you could be so unfaithful, selfish, and sinful.  It’s a small wonder he hasn’t turned his back on you.  He’s probably lining you up for a crushing punishment of some kind.

2. Christians are dangerous and cannot be trusted.  Opening up to them would be extremely foolish.  They’re just waiting for a chance to judge you ferociously.  You have to tell them what they want to hear and never let them know how badly you’re messing up.

3. The Bible may have some good points, but obviously you can’t believe it completely.  Internal contradictions, questionable miracle stories, and faulty historic and scientific claims show this book to be fallible like any other book written by humans.  In fact, you can’t really know which parts to take literally.

4. You efforts to serve God by sharing your faith are doomed to failure.  First, nobody wants to hear this, and they will feel offended when you bring it up.  Besides, your incompetence makes it even less likely that anyone would listen; the person will probably come up with advanced questions you can’t answer, and not only will you look stupid, but you’ll also make Jesus look stupid.  You’d be better off waiting until you’re more prepared.

5. When you feel depressed and far from God, the only solution is to get alone by yourself for a good while.  You don’t need to go hang out with Christians as much as you need to relax and maybe surf the Net.

The following two paragraphs are also extremely helpful:

Many believers don’t see how dangerous these mental arguments are.  We tend to think that even if we mess up and draw the wrong conclusion here or there, we’ll get through, and any damage will be minor and temporary.  But this radically underestimates Satan, who doesn’t stop after he wins one small argument.  He will relentlessly pursue any opening and seek to expand it into a major breech; complete destruction is his goal.  If we find it difficult to avoid deception before losing an argument with Satan, it becomes much more difficult once we believe any one of his cases, partially or fully.

How do we combat these lies when we encounter them?  He goes on:

Instead of arguing with Satan, Christians must learn to declare the Word of God to him, like Jesus did.  To match up with someone this smart, we need the help of someone even smarter, and God is infinitely smarter than Satan.

What lies of Satan do you need to replace with the truth of the Word of God today?


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