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Satan’s Lies in Plain Clothes – Part III

If you’ve been tracking the last couple of days we’ve been looking at 20 normal sounding arguments we’ve maybe convinced ourselves are true but in reality come from the pit.  If you need to catch up you can read Part I here and Part II here.  If, as you read any of these, you sense your defences quickly rising it’s likely your flesh resisting truth you don’t want to acknowledge.  If that’s the case, time to probe farther.  If, as you read these, there’s absolutely no way you see yourself in them, you’re probably in even greater danger.  Still waters run deep and the same is true of sin.  If none of this pricks the conscience the reality is that you’ve bought into certain lies so much you don’t realize how deeply entrenched they are.  Take this as a serious warning then ask God to search you and know you and reveal any offensive way in you.

Here are the next 5…

11. If you keep listening to this talk about surrendering all for God, you’re going to miss incredible opportunities that may never come again.  Your career is going to suffer irreversibly.  You’re going to miss the love of your life.  You’re going to become a fanatic and a weirdo.  You’re on the verge of robbing yourself of real happiness. You’ve got to take a more moderate position in spiritual matters.  We’re not talking about denying God here, just more sense of balance in life.

12. So what if you hate that sister in Christ?  She’s got it coming, and no sane person could possibly react any other way.  Besides, you’re not saying you would never forgive her.  You can think about it when she comes to grovel and finally acknowledge what she’s done.

13. If you keep serving so regularly, you’re going to be all used up!  Start looking out for yourself – you don’t want to burn out.

14. It’s one thing to talk about trusting God, but you’re facing real dangers here.  Don’t be stupid!  Of course God wants you to take measures to secure your future.  You’re not in some fantasy world – this is real life!  You’ve got to start taking life into your own hands.

15. Your plan to go and admonish your friend about an area of sin is unwise.  First, who do you think you are?  Is your life so pure that you should go around trying to set others straight?  Isn’t that a little arrogant?  Who’s casting the first stone here?  Besides, if you think about it, you’ll see abundant evidence that he’ll never listen anyway – he’ll probably retaliate, maybe even dangerously.  Look, people have to move at their own pace, and if God wanted him to see this he would make it clear himself.  If someone should go and say something, aren’t there plenty of others who would be way more capable than you?  Maybe you should just mind your own business.

15 down 5 to go.


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