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Satan’s Lies in Plain Clothes – Part IV

Hopefully something’s leaped out at you these past few days as we’ve looked at some lies we so easily believe.  To put it simply: the Christian life is nothing more than replacing the lies of Satan with the truth of God.  Which lies are you believing and will you bring the truth of God’s Word to bear upon them to destroy them?

Here are the final five:

16. If only you had done what you really wanted to do in that situation a year ago, you’d probably be having the time of your life right now.  You’re listening to all this legalism and you’re not being true to yourself.  If you keep this up, you’re going to ruin your life.

17. God probably has decided already what’s going to happen in this ministry situation, so it doesn’t matter what you do.  Who do you think you are, anyway, arrogantly thinking you could make a difference?

18. This kind of person probably won’t respond to words.  You should just witness with your life, and meanwhile you can pray.  Only God can bring someone to faith.  If you go shooting your mouth off, it almost certainly will make matters worse.

19. It sure is annoying to see how these Christians just do what everbody expects.  There’s teriffic group think going on here.  I can’t see someone as authentic as you conforming that way to the expecations of others.

20. If you keep pushing your boyfriend [or girlfriend] away during your make-outs, he’s [she’s] going to think you don’t really like him [her].  He’d [she’d] have no problem finding a girl [guy] who would never push him [her] away.

Perhaps next week we can look at some practical to bring truth to bear against these lies…


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