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Praying for Your Spouse

Sometimes it’s so easy to fall into a pattern of praying the same way for the same people over and over again.  That’s why it’s always helpful to have something other than your own mind informing how and what you should pray for.  The best way to do this is to be taught by the prayers or Scripture as to our priorities in what we should be praying for.  Another way is to base prayer requests on truths we know from the Scriptures.

A while back, Meredith compiled from a number of sources 31 ways to pray for your husband or wife, a focus for each day of the month.  They are rich, biblical, and would transform our marriages should God be pleased to answer if we would commit to faithfully praying in these ways.  If you happen to have married children or even grandchildren you may want to pray this way for them also.  If you wanted to generalize it even more, you could pray these ways for the husbands and wives in our church family.

As I was reminded last week: as the family goes, so goes the church.  As the church goes, so goes society.  Families make communities, communities make towns, towns make cities, and cities make nations.  As we watch the degradation of the institute of the family, is it any wonder we see a decline in society?  I believe the importance of the family as an institute is something Satan understands all to well (perhaps at times even better than we do).  He’s gladly wreaking havoc and will continue to do so.  Time to get on our knees.

You can download these and print them on your own or if you’d like copies can be printed for you at the church.  I try to read each day’s focus in the morning and think and pray over it through the day.  As an additional note for husbands, as you read about how you ought to pray for your wife, don’t miss the implication that this is also how you are to lead your wife.

I trust these will be a blessing to you!


Husbands for Wives (click to open pdf in new window)

Wives for Husbands (click to open pdf in new window)



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