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The Multi-Campuses of Scripture – Spiritual Disciplines IV

The analogy has been used before that if we think of the Bible as we would a university, there are many different college campuses we could visit to engage in a different discipline of learning.  We already addressed our constant need to be taking in the Word of God.  This week’s focus is on what … Continue reading

Resolutions of Jonathan Edwards III

Here is the next instalment of Jonathan Edwards’ resolutions.  These all have to deal with character.  Notice the references to self-control in the areas of eating and drinking.  If we re-learn self-control in these areas (since we eat and drink every day) we would exercise the self-control muscles well for other areas of life! 8. … Continue reading

Fathers, Stop Stealing From Your Children | NWBingham.com

Fathers, Stop Stealing From Your Children – This is a fabulous post…

Missed Opportunities…

The book The Family Worship Book has been in our church library for a couple of years and I’ll never forget this one paragraph.  It’s quoted below.  If you have young children at home, what wonderful opportunity you have before you.  If your children are a little older and you haven’t engaged in any type of … Continue reading

Resolutions of Jonathan Edwards II

Here are some more resolutions from Jonathan Edwards, the American pastor and theologian Pastor Greg mentioned in his message from this past Sunday.  These are all along the theme of stewardship of time: 5. Resolved, never to lose one moment of time; but improve it the most profitable way I possibly can. 7. Resolved, never … Continue reading

Captivated: The Movie | HeadHeartHand Blog

Captivated: The Movie | HeadHeartHand Blog. – Since the series last year on media/technology I’m continually on the lookout for more resources to help people battle this area of culture.  By the review and trailer this looks fascinating and I intend to watch it.  If it’s worth doing so you’ll hear more about it soon. … Continue reading

Free eBooks from Monergism

Free eBooks.  This link has a selection of free ebooks in various formats depending on the ereader (or ereader app) you might use.  The one they just released for free includes all 158 manuscripts of John Piper’s sermons on Romans 1-8.  They also have John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress for free, as well as books by Jonathan … Continue reading

A common Christian confession: I wish I did (this) more… – Spiritual Disciplines III

I hear it all the time.  I hear people asking for help in this area all the time.  It’s one of the most commonly recognized areas we actually know and acknowledge that we lack in.  We just don’t read the Bible as much as we know we should. Maybe from one Sunday to the next you don’t … Continue reading

Resolutions of Jonathan Edwards

Pastor Greg mentioned this pastor on Sunday durning his message.  For the next little while you can read selections of his resolutions that were written when he was in his 20’s.  Yes, his 20’s.  Desiring God has helpfully categorized them, and although the order of them is a little out of sync we’ll follow the … Continue reading

What Guys Think About Modesty by C.J. Mahaney – YouTube

What Guys Think About Modesty by C.J. Mahaney – YouTube.  As we move into weather when we see more flesh than dress you will appreciate this short video. It was sent through by a young couple following a discussion they had about how girls dress in the summer. There is much in here for both … Continue reading