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A Cure for Complaining

While wading through a whole bunch of paperwork this morning this wonderful sheet was uncovered.  There’s no source as to where it came from but seemed worth re-typing and sharing.  Here you go! Complaining is unbecoming of the true Christian and yet we are proficient at it.  The cure is found in these verses.  In … Continue reading

5 Reasons Why We Should Still Read The Book of Leviticus Today | Scott Fillmer

5 Reasons Why We Should Still Read The Book of Leviticus Today – If you’ve ever skipped over it, never read it, not understood it, or ignored it, this short post might help!

By Grace Alone

By Grace Alone. – Brenda Foss has posted a few updates on her blog since returning to Peru.  We’ll keep linking to them on here in case you miss them.  Once again, clicking the link will take you to the right place!

Pray For Lydia

Pray For Lydia. – You’ve probably heard about Lydia Herrle.  Back in May this 14 year old girl was hit by a garbage truck while getting off her school bus outside of her home on Erb Road.  The link is to the blog detailing the family’s journey and her continued recovery.  The family is a … Continue reading

Captivated: finding freedom in a media captivated culture

From the back cover: Have we entered a techno utopia or a virtual prison?  Should we be celebrating unreservedly or should we be cautious and skeptical?  Is it the greatest leap in productivity or the biggest setback from the things most meaningful in life?  Has today’s connectivity drawn us closer to one another or strangely … Continue reading

What I’ve Learned Along the Way

What I’ve Learned Along the Way – As a preacher, I really value how Tim Challies has communicated these thoughts.  He gives away who this post is for at the beginning when he writes: This is an article about preaching that is meant to be read by non-preachers.  If you want a window into preaching week … Continue reading

How to Witness to Mormons

How to Witness to Mormons – It’s the time of year when you normally see clean cut young men in white shirts and black ties (and sometimes women) making the rounds in the neighbourhood to spread their faith.  Having spent a decent amount of time engaging with Mormons in the past, I really appreciated this article. … Continue reading