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Reaching Canadian Politicians to Support Motion 312

Reaching Canadian Politicians to Support Motion 312. – I’ve been avidly promoting this personally for the last few days, and will continue to do so until the motion is brought to discussion and vote on September 26.  PASS312 has an excellent website outlining what the motion is, why it’s important, calls to action (like calling … Continue reading

Post-Birth Abortion

For the local organization Cambridge Right to Life, May is “Respect Life Month.”  As a result, they sent a fairly lengthy article in one of their newsletters entitled: Why the Outrage? Are abortion and infanticide morally and ethically equivalent.”  In this article I was introduced to a term I’d never heard before: post-birth abortion. According to … Continue reading

Ashamed and Disappointed | Challies Dot Com

Ashamed and Disappointed | Challies Dot Com.  Challies’ blog is the one blog I frequent most and thoroughly enjoy reading.  This post was like a punch in the gut.  He captures how I feel when I think about this topic.  Twice he calls us to action.  Where to go from here is the necessary yet … Continue reading

When We Play God

Christian Medical Comment: Hospital kills ‘wrong’ twin in selective abortion – both babies now dead.  This is a tragic story, reminding us of what happens when we take life and death out of the realm of God and into our own hands.