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How to Witness to Mormons

How to Witness to Mormons – It’s the time of year when you normally see clean cut young men in white shirts and black ties (and sometimes women) making the rounds in the neighbourhood to spread their faith.  Having spent a decent amount of time engaging with Mormons in the past, I really appreciated this article. … Continue reading

Doubting Dawkins

Doubting Dawkins – This video provokes an unbelievable amount of thoughts in 40 seconds…

What happens when you question evolution?

Here’s an answer from a surprising source: a secular philosophy handbook.  I came across this several years ago while taking a philosophy course at Heritage.  Under the section of philosophy of science is a little chapter entitled “Science is Laced with Ideology.”  The following are some excerpts.  If you don’t want to read the entire … Continue reading

Why Science Needs the Christian Worldview | The Resurgence

Why Science Needs the Christian Worldview | The Resurgence. – Articles and resources on apologetics have been a while coming since the church blog was started.  I’d like to review a little book called Smooth Stones: Bringing Down the Giant Questions of Apologetics sometime in the near future but in the meantime this is a … Continue reading