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You know a book’s going to be good when…

…you’re six pages in and needed to stop twice to mull some things over.  And that’s just the introduction.  So far so good.  The first few pages of Thinking. Loving. Doing. – A Call to Glorify God with Heart and Mind is heartily recommended, even if you don’t make it to page 7. Here are two quotations … Continue reading

Top Reads in 2011: Pastor Sean

Here are Pastor Sean’s (notice the lack of rule breaking with only 5 recommendations):

Top Reads in 2011: Pastor Roger

The next few posts will be a short list of the best books each of your pastors read in 2011. When asked for the top 5 both Greg and Roger broke the rules and sent six.  We’ll let them away with it and include them all.  Here are Pastor Roger’s (Greg and Sean’s to follow):

Top Reads in 2011: Pastor Greg

Here are Pastor Greg’s top reads from 2011 (click on images to make them larger):