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Ashamed and Disappointed | Challies Dot Com

Ashamed and Disappointed | Challies Dot Com.  Challies’ blog is the one blog I frequent most and thoroughly enjoy reading.  This post was like a punch in the gut.  He captures how I feel when I think about this topic.  Twice he calls us to action.  Where to go from here is the necessary yet … Continue reading

Doubting Dawkins

Doubting Dawkins – This video provokes an unbelievable amount of thoughts in 40 seconds…

What’s right with this picture? What’s wrong with this picture?

Some of you may recognize this picture being shown during a recent report of a month long mission’s trip by someone in our congregation.  Some of you may be looking at it for the first time.  It has sort of haunted me ever since. Two simple questions seem sufficient: What’s right with this picture?  Six … Continue reading