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How to Pray for Your Pastor

How to Pray for Your Pastor – As a follow up to a brief exhortation this past Sunday morning, here are some specific ways you can pray for your pastors.  The link will take you to the Gospel Coalition website (a great resource!) or you can read them below… How to Pray for Your Pastor R.W. … Continue reading

How to pray for over 2 billion Muslims worldwide (and the one who lives around the corner)

Ramadan begins on Thursday, a 30 day religious observance in Islam.  During this period Muslims all across the world will fast during daylight hours, increase prayer, recitation and reading of the Quran, and generally increase the intensity of the practice of what they believe (one website suggested that they donate at least one book on … Continue reading

Praying for Your Spouse

Sometimes it’s so easy to fall into a pattern of praying the same way for the same people over and over again.  That’s why it’s always helpful to have something other than your own mind informing how and what you should pray for.  The best way to do this is to be taught by the … Continue reading

Year’s End Prayer

This would have been good to post yesterday but I only came across it late last night.  I love the second half of this prayer.  It answered a question I had these past few days with the number of “Happy New Year” greetings I heard: what if this year doesn’t turn out to be happy? … Continue reading