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Judging. Judges. Judgement. The Judge.

Many shows on TV these days seem to share a common element: The X Factor, American Idol, Battle of the Blades, Dancing with the Stars, Cover Me Canada, The Dragon’s Den (and maybe others).  They all have a panel of judges and people willing to submit themselves to their judgements.  In a culture where judging anyone … Continue reading

Sexual Detox – A Guide for the Single Guy

I really appreciate those who make resources available for little or no money.  I’ve been handing out this little booklet for a while.  The author, Tim Challies, gives express permission to print or send it electronically for free. Here’s an excerpt from the introduction: It isn’t easy being a guy today. Maybe it never has … Continue reading

A regular reminder…

…that your money is not your own. For the last few weeks a new card has been added to my wallet. It’s not costing me more money.  It’s not necessarily saving me money either.  But it is helping me think and pray about spending it as I should.  It’s nestled securely in front of my … Continue reading

God’s Technology

Over the summer we spent five weeks delving into the area of digital technology and media.  There is much more that could have been said that wasn’t.  Thankfully, there are many resources available to take us further in discerning a distinctly Christian response as we live out our faith in a digital age. If you … Continue reading